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Patios – Walkways

Patios allows us to take advantage of all that great outside expanse, while giving useful space to your abode. Today’s precast concrete paver / slab materials have evolved greatly since forty to fifty year ago. From the mere plain concrete slabs of yesterday we now have a greater choice of precast concrete paver / slab material that gives us a large variety of textures, colors, and configurations.
We mostly find patios on ground level but they can also be elevated higher by using compatible retaining wall materials.
Many amenities can be introduces to your patio such as:

  • Outdoor kitchen with BBQ, countertops and even outdoor fridge.
  • Pergola that is decorative and provides shade
  • Planter boxes for your favorite plants
  • Hot tub for relaxing times
  • Fire pit for memorable gatherings
  • Water feature for a calming effect
  • Lighting arrangement to extend your outdoor activities well into the evenings
  • Swimming pools for relaxing and having fun
Patios can be conformed to any shape that you desire. A well oriented patio can focus and introduce the rest of your backyard and make you want to explore and appreciate the rest of your gardens all that more. Choosing patio / walkway materials mostly comes down to function and very low maintenance benefits + NO BUILDING PERMIT REQUIRED as you do for decks.

Walkways, like patios are really an extension of the same material and construction methods. There are three standards when it comes to the widths for paths and walkways

  • Primary Walkway: Should have a width of 42” – 48” that allows two adult walking side by side. This is mostly for connecting the street or driveway to the main entrance of a house.
  • Secondary Path: Should have a width of 24” – 26” that allows one person walking in a single file. This is mostly for connecting the house to a patio or outbuildings.
  • Seasonal Pathway: Should have a width of 12” – 16” that allows one person walking on stepping stones in a signal file. This is mostly for seasonal access to garden areas and is the least formal.
Some Common Paver Stone Patterns