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Retaining Walls – Steps

Retaining walls don’t just manage steep slopes and prevent erosion but they also create flat spaces for patios, gardens and lawns. They are also used to add the illusion of height to a flat yard thus creating a more three dimensional quality to your overall landscape. Garden walls are similar to retaining walls but do not have as much structural capacity. They are limited in height and are created to give more appeal to your elevated gardens. The more common materials used for building walls / steps are precast concrete blocks, poured concrete, wood and stones. The most popular material used today for building walls / steps are precast concrete blocks. It is far less expensive than a natural stone walls set in mortar and a lot more durable than wood walls – steps. Like all the other precast concrete products today they have evolved in many aspects such as its appeal to represent nature with all its textures and its earthy hues. There are many other assemblies that can be used with those different wall materials such as:

  • Free standing walls
  • Ditch headers
  • Benches
  • Lamp post pillars
  • Garden walls
  • Planter boxes
  • Fireplaces
  • Steps
  • Outdoor counters
  • Fire pits etc…..
Steps can be built out of the same wall materials as long as the wall system comes with cap stones. It then can be used to create step platforms and landings because these materials are fabricated to accommodate steps building. As a result of using the same material for yours steps and walls you get an integrated look that ties in all your project nicely. For safety reasons sometimes railings are needed with your steps. The most popular choice are aluminum or ornamental iron railings that adhere solidly to the cap stone units of your steps.
Retaining Wall Detail