Makes your home look less attractive.

Efflorescence is a natural process that occurs, when a fine white powdery substance (Calcium Oxide), exudes to the surface of concrete and clay base material such as bricks. This problem occurs frequently with new precast concrete materials, such as pavers and retaining wall block units used often for steps leading up to building entrances (Fig 2). The easy solution, is to give it time to wash off or apply an efflorescence cleaner such as, RadonSeal Efflorescence Remover www.radonseal.com, which is an easy fix when needed.


Efflorescence on pavers

It can be found on unsealed surfaces.

Do not hesitate to call us, if you see efflorescence for the first time on the bricks. It may be caused by some precast concrete installation against the house, that was improperly done. Take it as a warning sign that some damage is in progress and will be very expensive to fix, if not dealt with quickly. If the installation is done properly by a professional, you can rest assured that efflorescence will not occur and you will get enjoyment for many years to come.

A Complete Landscape Solution

How we can help you?
Do you have white rings/circles or a haze of your pavers? If you answered yes, you’re likely seeing efflorescence. Good news, we can remove it!


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