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Our expertise lies in building beautiful Water Features for your garden

The best impression from a water garden setting is the calming sound of trickling water, mimicking a stream. People are naturally drawn to look toward the source of that reassuring sound as the first noticeable starting point, in viewing and appreciating the garden as a whole.

The main types of water features are :

  • Fountains - available as readymade units
  • Ponds with waterfall - higher maintenance
  • Pondless waterfalls - low maintenance
  • Bubbling stones - low maintenance
  • Water walls - low maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Waterfalls - as part of pool’s circulation system, no maintenance.

Introducing a water feature into your garden has numerous benefits. The sound of water flowing induces a relaxing atmosphere and causes the white noise to buffer unpleasant ambient sounds, like traffic noise. Anyone who appreciates nature, will enjoy seeing the visiting wild fauna using the water source. Ultimately, the water feature would become the centre piece of your garden. As a starting point, imagine the many creative possibilities of integrating garden plants around your water feature. Footbridges can be fabricated over a small man-made pond to enhance the look and provide a convenient way to walk across a pond or stream.

Water attraction

Do you feel drawn to water? Then you know, water has a powerful effect on the senses. It stimulates us and at the same time calms us; we can hear it and feel it on our skin. The first landscape element that we are drawn towards is water flowing from a water feature. There are a surprising number of possible variations, such as:

  • Natural Ponds
  • Waterfalls – as part of the swimming pool system
  • Formal Garden Pools
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Bubbling Stones
  • Water Fountains
  • Marsh Beds
  • Play Pools for children
  • Ponds with Stream
  • Artificial Ponds


Ponds can be filled with multi-coloured stones. There could be sitting areas alongside water bodies/pools. Ponds, that involve aquatic plants and fish are for the hobbyists, who have the time to maintain it as part of an enjoyable and interesting experience. For the others, who would still like the benefits of water features, there is a choice of pond less waterfalls, fountains and bubbling stones that require less maintenance.


Acquiring a full pond/waterfall provides many hours of enjoyment for the hobbyist, who has the time and interest. Once the pond is built, hopefully by a professional, one has to learn some basic maintenance to care for the aquatic plants and fishes. Remember, a neglected pond can turn into a smelly swamp if not looked after adequately. If this makes you apprehensive about owning a pond, there are other options such as a pondless waterfall. A pondless waterfall does not have any open water surface, which means there are no aquatic plants or fishes. This is a good alternative, as people can still benefit from the sights and sound of running water surrounded by gardens, to embellish the whole setting.

Instead of having the waterfall go into a pond, the water from the pondless waterfall goes directly into an underground water container. The latter houses the pump, which returns the water back into the waterfall source in a cyclical manner. The other benefit is the absence of safety concerns like owning a swimming pool, requiring fencing and permits, similar to an open water pond or waterfall.

Pondless Waterfall Details



For those who plan to have a swimming pool installed, they could consider a waterfall flowing into it. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a waterfall, by connecting it to your swimming pool pump system. The water flow can be regulated by a water control switch. There are two main types of waterfalls to consider, either natural stones or precast concrete formal retaining wall with a recessed waterfall kit.

The waterfall kits provide different coloured lights that shimmer off the water going into the swimming pool.  The illuminated ‘Colourfalls’ come in white, blue, red and crystal white and is controlled wirelessly by a remote control. This adds a different mood to your swimming pool experience, especially on those relaxing midnight swims.

“Colourfall” Waterfall Kit

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Tips for the Pond .

Three ways to winterize pond fish

• Take the fish into the house and place them in an aquarium, especially, if they are not hardy to the climate.
• They can be taken back temporally to the pet store over the wintertime, and have them take care of the fish for a fee.
• Winterize the pond by installing a pond heater to let the toxic gases escape from the ice cover, and let the fish go dormant for the winter without letting them get poisoned from the pond gases.
Fish respond to you, especially at feeding time. In the same way, they know to hide from any predators, like raccoons and birds of prey. That is why it is important to provide fish with protection, by giving them a simple shelter in times of need. For that, all you need to do is submerge something like a pipe, or make an underwater stony cave, so the fish have a refuge.

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