Backyards are an extension of your indoor living space...

A well designed Backyard can contribute to fun activities for the family and create fond memories. What greater tribute can there be, than when a customer calls us to express the transformation, from a drab place to a noteworthy oasis for themselves and for visiting friends and family. What this means for us, is to provide a design which suits your lifestyle and needs.

What is your ideal backyard going to be? A place for…

  • Rest and meditation
  • Family activities
  • Gardening
  • Parties and family gatherings
  • Children to play
  • Features such as a shed, patio, courtyard or deck
  • Privacy and safety

The main objective in designing a backyard.

The first step in designing a Backyard is to have an inward-oriented perspective. You have to ask yourself… how is the landscape going to look out from inside my house and from the outside looking from my deck or patio?  By contemplating your main viewing points, you can strategically place complementary elements in your landscape that will help make it look more of a scenic Backyard. Example: To maximize the effect of a Waterfall – Pond installation, it should be located close to where people can appreciate it and not in an obscure faraway place.


Plants play an important role in a total backyard experience.

Nothing brings people closer to nature than plants, which in turn attract fauna to your Backyard. Trees by far, have the most impact in your landscape and should be given special consideration. Firstly, avoid fast-growing trees. Their destructive root system can play havoc to house foundations such as Weeping Willows and Aspens trees.  Secondly, specific tree location is important and beneficial because it provides a much needed summer shade, that helps cool down your house and outdoor lounging areas. Thirdly, some trees are messier than others. If you have a swimming pool you might want to consider planting, in its proximity, small evergreen trees, broad-leaf evergreen shrubs and perennials.

We specialize in low maintenance landscapes.

Most people today have a busy lifestyle and have other interests. Upkeep of your garden and lawn is time-consuming and labouring. We can help alleviate this by designing a low maintenance landscape namely by incorporating:

  • River wash beds + weed barrier underlay.
  • Crush brick beds + weed barrier underlay.
  • Mulch beds (cedar, pine, bark, clippings etc.)
  • Pea stone maintenance strip alongside house with borders + weed barrier underlay.
  • Precast concrete mowing strips with curbs that edges out your garden from the lawn.
  • Lawn edgers (aluminum, PVC, concrete).
  • Planting low maintenance and hardy plants.
  • Cutting down on the density of plantings leaving more ground covered areas.
  • Mass planting with low maintenance ground cover – perennials.
  • Stepping stones and Flagstones in the garden for easy access.

Categories of plants to consider for your garden :

  • Broad leaf Evergreens
  • Evergreens
  • Ferns
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Shrubs
  • Topiary
  • Perennials
  • Bulbs
  • Annuals
  • Trees
  • Vines
  • Ground covers


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Design considerations for Backyard
Why not add features that will enhance your Backyard? How about an amenity like a bird bath that will attract birds, or a bird feeder. An ornamental feature such as a sundial or a statue can also be considered. Make a personal statement with your own selection of amenities.
For a Backyard to be cool and refreshing, a shady area can be picked with cool colours in blue, purple and green. In order, for your Backyard to feel bright and warm, an open area can be picked with colours such as yellow, red and orange. The correct choice has a positive psychological effect.

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