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We specialize in low maintenance Front yards

Your Front Yard creates the first impression of your property with anybody! A well-maintained yard shows pride of ownership and respect towards the neighbourhood. It need not be overly fanciful – but Front yards do make a statement about the owner’s taste and decorum. The beauty of the front entrance can be enhanced by pillars for an eclectic impression. As such, a front entrance that conveys a welcoming feeling will be appreciated by all, and it reflects well on the owners.

What is your ideal front yard going to be?

A place for…

  • Sitting - like a courtyard
  • Serving as play area - for children and pets
  • Having low maintenance
  • Engaging in gardening
  • An inviting entrance
  • Attractive and functional Garden walls and so on

Water conservation and low maintenance options for Front Yards :

Are you tired of endless grass cutting, edging and putting up with bare spots? And you do not want to deal with weeds and having to apply herbicides and insecticides?

We can help you minimize your lawn area, by replacing your front lawn with fashionable low maintenance options. We can beautify and reduce the time you spend, labouring on the Front yard. This means spending more leisure time, in doing what you really want to do. Flower beds alongside the steps leading to the house, veranda or porch will be an aesthetic enhancement to your property.  Additionally, by introducing hardy native plants, which require less watering than grass, you make your landscape more environmental friendly.


‘Xeriscape’ – Landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water for irrigation.

Design considerations for Front Yard
- Creating a low maintenance front yard will enhance its appeal and simplify maintenance.

- The street vantage point is an important view to consider, when working to make your front yard appealing.

- Front yards have the potential to be used similar to a backyard, such as for congregating and entertaining.
- Thoughtful use of lighting fixtures can accentuate architectural and landscape features to create a beautiful night-scape atmosphere. Lamp posts or down-lights alongside the path leading to the house will amplify the beauty at night-time.

- A fountain or a bubbling stone always gives a refreshing and relaxing feeling when people approach the front entrance. Ornamental boulders and stones set in tasteful patters are another option.

- Depending on the orientation of your house, such as a courtyard, the Front yard can be a cool shaded area to lounge during those long hot summer afternoons and evenings.

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