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A well Designed Landscape can be inspiring ...


We provide our customers with preliminary landscape plans designed using DYNASCAPE software, easily editable and which gives a good visual image that communicates well, all aspects of the customer requirements. By providing such an editable Design Plan to customers, we are able to make revisions to the design, as required by customers, till a final approval is received.

Once the design is mutually agreed upon, we proceed to executing a contractual agreement, for which the Design Plan becomes an integral part. The Design Plan is also important for our installers, who will execute the landscape project accurately, thereby avoiding any potentially costly mistakes in the long run.

A good Landscape Design:-

  • Provides a good visual image to the customers before committing to the project.
  • Gives a plant legend and its location for the customers to preview.
  • It is an important document, both for our installers and customers to follow.
  • Provides the means to troubleshoot any potential issues.
  • Becomes an integral part of the contract, thereby avoiding any future disagreements.

Using the ‘Checklist’

The ‘Checklist’ is a good starting tool to help us determine the possible features that you would like to see in your landscape project. This checklist can also help us come up with ideas of certain aspects, that might not have been thought out to implement otherwise. Download the ‘Checklist’ below.

DESIGN THEMES to consider:

  • Oriental : Strong symbolism, simplistic use of sand and gravel aggregates, stone sculptural elements.
  • English : Colorful, naturalistic, mixed perennials, topiary, whimsical, eclectic.
  • Early American : Practical, hedged in, symmetrical, mixed herbs and veggies.
  • New American : Asymmetrical, mixed woody/perennial, 12 – month interest, colorful.
  • Contemporary : Single specimen plant or several trees, simple, uncluttered.


Landscape Design - The Process

  • Step 1

    Your Requirements

    Before our first meeting, you may wish to go through our free landscape checklist which is useful in helping out with the design process. Download below.

  • Step 2

    Discuss Needs

    At our first meeting, which is at no cost, we will discuss your needs and wishes, exchange ideas and concepts.

  • Step 3

    Before Finalizing

    The design process is underway - during our second meeting, we will review a preliminary landscape plan, after which we will revise the plan to bring it to your specification or make any other changes.

  • Step 4

    Final Step

    Apprize will deliver a presentation of the design plan and estimate, with a detailed description of the work and cost breakdown of your project.

Design to Reality

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Little guidance from the experts

Sometimes, it can be daunting to get the ball rolling on your landscape project. One of the best ways to get inspired and see the possibilities, is by taking a leisurely walk in your neighbourhood, focusing on the elements of the landscapes that appeal to you - and taking photos. In addition, there are numerous books and magazine ideas that can be helpful - the internet is also a good source. If possible, start a portfolio and organize it to help you materialize your dream landscape. Being well prepared and knowing what you like, will make your project that much more successful and enriching!
In addition to our CHECKLIST, making your own list of questions and priorities can clarify important issues. A lot of our designs take inspiration from your wants and needs. With the help of your feedback, Apprize will strive to reflect your own individual style. Download Checklist
The best credentials are the referrals from our satisfied customers. Other credentials to consider are - checking membership of the enterprise with BBB ( Better Business Bureau) to verify if they are in good standing, and with other associations and local suppliers that relates to our industry. Read our Customer Testimonials
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