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We strive to provide a total solution to all your landscaping needs..
Below is the list of Services offered by Apprize
Landscape Design
A good Landscape Design helps assure a great final outcome to your project.
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Front Yard
In addition to being attractive, a front yard should be low maintenance and free up your time for more leisure.
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Think of the backyard as an extension of your indoor living space ... this calls for a good, thoughtful design which suits your lifestyle.
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For precast concrete surface materials, we offer you a great deal of colours and textures, in a variety of different applications.
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Water Features/Gardens
Water Features usually take the center stage in any outdoor settings, not just for their alluring visual appeal, but also for its relaxing sounds.
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Woodwork – Decks/Fences/Gazebos
Wood structures, in combination with other elements. add warmth and a neutral quality to your landscape.
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Retaining Walls/Garden Walls
Many assemblies can be built with precast concrete wall materials, such as pillars, steps, outdoor kitchen counters, garden walls, fire pits and fire places.
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How Can We Help You?

Let us get your landscape project conceptualized and organized. From the initial consultation to the implementation, we look forward to working together in accomplishing your dream landscape.
Let us help you come up with some low maintenance ideas to free up your time. Some landscapes are overwhelming and look disorganized and unkempt. Our specialty is fixing that problem by implementing our Low Maintenance Strategies.
Let us install Permeable Pavers to prevent polluted water runoff going into the watershed. We can reduce your lawn area that consumes large amounts of water, fertilizes, herbicides, and replace it with low maintenance native plants and mulches. Learn more about 'Lawn Gone' (click here)
Let us fix your old landscape work that has fallen in disrepair. Do you need your pavers, steps, and walls to be lifted and re-layed correctly because they have sunk or shifted in past years? We are there for you.

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Our Main Area of Expertise

We do things differently from our competitions
Landscape Design
We offer landscape design services for big and small projects.
Water Features
We offer ponds with waterfall, pondless waterfalls, bubbling stones and fountains.
We offer many styles of Fences - in cedar wood, pressure treated wood and vinyl.
Decks, Gazebos
We offer many models and styles, in cedar wood, pressure treated wood and also composite materials.
Pavers – Slabs
We offer many styles, textures and colours of patios, walkways, driveways along with retaining walls and garden walls.
We offer to fix or lift and re-lay any old precast concrete assemblies that have settled, and raise them to their proper level.

Landscape Designing Services



Apprize Landscape Design team consists of veterans in the landscaping business for over 18 years. Our longevity is due to our teamwork and the synergy with which we work together.
We take pride in our work and the reason why we are a success in what we do

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