Fire used in Landscape Settings

Add some warmth to your outdoor experience

Fire, like water, has a mesmerizing effects on people. It can get families and friends to gather and start storytelling around the fire, on a starlight night full of fun and joviality. Or, it can be a place of peace for you, to contemplate, as you hear a blazing fire crackling.

Categories of Fire Features

  • Fire Pits that use firewood as fuel, are usually built out of natural stones or precast concrete fire pit kits. This is not recommended for urban areas, because of smoke pollution it causes in the neighbourhood. These installations have to follow specific by-law restrictions in certain urban areas that open rural areas do not have to deal with.
  • Fire Pits that use natural gas as fuel, are built in the same way as firewood fire pits. These installations, are acceptable in urban areas, but have to adhere to certain by-laws like, keeping a certain distance away from houses.
  • Chiminea that uses firewood for fuel, is fabricated in metal as a portable fireplace with a chimney. These can have some restrictions that the propane chiminea units do not have.


Additionally, fire features can be used for illumination purpose as well – such as propane and natural gas lamps or self-fueled portable torches for party nights. Keep in mind, that anything that deals with natural gas, must have a licensed pipe fitter as part of the installation, as does natural gas barbeques.


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